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Group Retirement Plans

Today, financial institutions are seeking to differentiate on customer experience. Investor-facing technology platforms provide them with a great opportunity to deepen the level of engagement with their clients. The recent acquisition of Apeiron allows Equisoft to enhance its investor-facing and financial planning offerings. Explore the unique benefits and functionalities of Equisoft’s new state-of-the-art platform designed for group savings and retirement plan sponsors and administrators, such as insurance and fund companies.

Self-service and Advisor Sharing

  • The Equisoft Group Savings and Retirement Planner is a platform designed to help group plan members assess their retirement preparedness and create a strategy to meet their financial goals.
  • A fully-integrated call centre/advisor version facilitates the support of more complex situations.
  • Integration with the plan sponsors’ systems allows plan member information to automatically be available within the software, thus enhancing the plan member experience.

Key Functionalities

  • Fully configurable user interface and reporting
  • Hosted application means no infrastructure cost and no maintenance
  • High-quality plan member self-service solution
  • Call centre representatives/advisors can set up new plans, access client plans, and add advanced features
  • Comprehensive results and analysis
  • Engaging design and visuals
  • Mobile friendly
  • Industry-leading PDF reports
  • Retirement success assessment, based on retirement preparedness zones
  • Easy integration
  • With existing digital platforms (CRM, communication, email, back-office)
  • With client on-boarding tools to help digitize the paperwork completion requirements for plan members
  • Customized reporting for clients, advisors and plan administrators

Press Coverage

RetireWare has received numerous favourable reviews in the media: Advisor's Edge Report, Investment Executive, The Toronto Star, Chatelaine, Canadian MoneySaver magazine and Prime Time Money radio show.

Goal-Setting Tools

Our mobile-friendly Goal-Setting suite of online tools allow users to easily and quickly plan the financial goals for the short and lomg term. These products are easily customizable to seamlessly integrate within your branding and user experience.

The Retirement Opportunity

Most financial services companies view retirement as a top growth opportunity, but fail to provide comprehensive information and resources to their clientele and advisor workforce. McKinsey & Company sees four main challenges for financial services companies:

  • Poor consumer perception of ability to meet retirement needs,
  • Need to educate pre-retirees of their financial needs,
  • Disconnect between accumulation orientation and income needs of retirees, and
  • Repositioning and adapting toward income and advice needs of retirement segment.

Baby boomers are retiring and they are at the point of making significant and permanent financial decisions about their finances. Knowledge and information that address their needs are the real points of leverage to achieve a higher market share.


WealthElements Client Portal is a pioneering online investor- and advisor-facing platform launched by Equisoft in early 2016 aimed at financial companies seeking to transition advisory services into the digital space.

Client Portal allows varying degrees of automation, from the fully automated digital platform with little human interaction to automation featuring greater levels of advisor intervention based on specific criteria. The platform is available as a stand alone solution or as part of the WealthElements Advisor suite. In either case, this web-based software can be integrated in back- and front-office systems to streamline business processes.


RetireWare is a Web-based retirement planning software specifically designed for Canadian tax and retirement savings rules. RetireWare's stunning user interface has over 30 charts, a results dashboard, complementary stand-alone tools and calculators, easy-to-use file management, comprehensive risk analysis and PDF and editable reports.

Our state-of-the-art financial and retirement planning software has an unparalleled level of mathematical sophistication, feature-rich functionality, set out in integrated modules that are comprehensive, intuitive and visually stunning.

Industry-Specific Experience

Our experienced project managers, designers and developers work to ensure your application meets your requirements and user needs to provide a rich user experience.

We are industry leaders and our knowledge of financial and retirement planning, mathematical and actuarial models, and years of research and development ensure that your application development is built on a solid and scalable foundation.

Outsourcing development of your solutions makes sense: not only do you reduce costs, but can dedicate more resources on your core business. And here's waht you can expect for your financial and retirement planning applications:

  • Rich and engaging user experience
  • Comprehensive portfolio of products and content
  • Customization for rapid and cost-effective implementation
  • Your branding and Web standards
  • Applications hosted in-house or implemented on your servers
  • Usage reporting and data analytics

Managing Risk

When it comes to planning retirement, managing risk is paramount, as earning income ceases and the livelihood comes from pensions and invested assets. A sound plan must examine each of the potential risks that can occur: market, longevity, inflation, health care costs, early death and many others.

End-to-End Solutions

Not only do we develop concepts, we design, build, test and host products to minimize your use of resources and infrastructure costs. Products can easily integrate audio, video, animation and social media components for an enhanced user experience.

Our continued efforts on developing new mathematical models for financial and retirement planning make us a thought leader in leading-edge areas such as risk management and product allocation.

About Equisoft

Founded in 1994, Equisoft offers advanced digital business solutions to its clients in the insurance and wealth management industries to support their growth. The firm develops and markets innovative front-end applications (InsuranceElements and WealthElements) featuring industry-leading user interfaces and state-of-the-art technology. [More...]

Stand-Alone Tools

Here are some of the products that can be integrated in our goal-setting suite:

  • Comprehensive retirement planning
  • Managing post-retirement risks
  • Retirement financial index
  • Historical returns
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Quick retirement plan
  • Investor profile
  • Product allocation
  • Sequence of returns
  • Segregated funds
  • RRIF and LIF illustrations
  • TFSA
  • Inflation
  • Annuity
  • Life expectancy with odds of survival
  • Education planning
  • Pension decision tool
  • Mortgage vs. RRSP
  • OAS clawback
  • Budget
  • Net worth
  • Leveraged debt
  • Life insurance
  • Wealth accumulation