Planning Retirement
to Reach Your Goals

See the Possibilities

Find out with RetireWare. You will see how your investments and future income can create the lifestyle you want for you and your family for the rest of your life. If you are close to retiring or already retired, you will learn how far your money can go. And what we see regularly is that many spend too conservatively out of the fear of running out of money.

Press Coverage

Read RetireWare reviews in The Toronto Star, Investment Executive and Advisor's Edge Report, other praise in the media and awards. The Toronto Star said of RetireWare: "Slick financial planning software ... goes well beyond the capability of other consumer software and some pro brands used by planners".

Plan and monitor

Planning retirement is an ongoing process. Your plan must be kept current to make sure your investments and future income are on track to maintain the lifestyle you want for you and your family. With RetireWare, your financial plan can be updated anytime with changing circumstances and unforeseen events.

Worry-free retirement

Monitor progress and see where you stand with respect to your long-term needs. All information is always available online in a format that's easy-to-use and visual, with dashboards, charts and comprehensive analysis and making updates is a breeze.

Safe and secure

All sensitive data saved to our database is encrypted using a powerful algorithm. Transmission of data between our servers and your browser uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Servers are located in a secure facility in one of North America's most connected buildings.

PDF reports

Reports include a detailed assesment, illustration of assets, cash flow forecast, recommended savings, numerous charts and detailed tables, and can be saved locally as PDF files or printed in full colour.

Data anywhere

Your data and files reside on our servers in a secure database, so it is always available anywhere and anytime. No possibility of losing your data ever because of theft or computer malfunction.

Post-retirement risk management framework

RetireWare helps you develop a financial plan for retirement, with an evaluation of the potential impact of each of the main post-retirement risks — longevity, market, inflation, early death, long-term care, etc. Results also include odds of success based on Monte Carlo simulation.

Leading-edge models

RetireWare is loaded with standard product features [1] for a financial plan for you and your spouse. RetireWare also has an investor risk profile questionnaire, budget and net worth statement and detailed retirement goal setting. All results are based on accurate income tax calculations for taxable income, with an option to apply income splitting between spouses.

Comprehensive help

RetireWare has detailed online help with all aspects of the software, and a product support blog with answers to common support questions. You also get unlimited online support on how to use the software.

Comprehensive Cash Flow Analysis

RetireWare handles all types of assets: registered, locked-in, TFSA, non-registered, property, business ownership, insurance and future assets. Types of income include: part-time income, defined benefit pensions, pensions, annuities (including prescribed), Company savings (defined contribution, group RRSP, deferred profit sharing plan), Canada Pension Plan and Québec Pension Plan (including CPP sharing) and Old Age Security (including OAS clawback).

Web-Based Retirement Planning for Canadians