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Equisoft Inc.

About Equisoft

Founded in 1994, Equisoft offers advanced digital business solutions to its clients in the insurance and wealth management industries to support their growth. The firm develops and markets innovative front-end applications (InsuranceElements and WealthElements) featuring industry-leading user interfaces and state-of-the-art technology.

In addition, Equisoft is an Oracle Insurance Policy Administration integration partner for some 20 carriers globally. To complete this unique offering, Equisoft brings extensive experience in data migration through its subsidiary Universal Conversion Technologies (UCT). Equisoft has a growing team of over 300 specialized resources based in the US, Canada, Latin America, South Africa and India.

Industry-Specific Experience

Our experienced project managers, designers and developers work to ensure your application meets your requirements and user needs to provide a rich user experience.

We are industry leaders and our knowledge of financial and retirement planning, mathematical and actuarial models, and years of research and development ensure that your application development is built on a solid and scalable foundation.

Outsourcing development of your solutions makes sense: not only do you reduce costs, but can dedicate more resources on your core business. And here's waht you can expect for your financial and retirement planning applications:

  • Rich and engaging user experience
  • Comprehensive portfolio of products and content
  • Customization for rapid and cost-effective implementation
  • Your branding and Web standards
  • Applications hosted in-house or implemented on your servers
  • Usage reporting and data analytics


WealthElements is a web-based planning solution designed to streamline and optimize advisor workflows at every step of the life and wealth discussion. WealthElements uses a set of advanced sales, compliance and engagement toolsets that integrate seamlessly with a firm’s existing platforms to develop a personalized plan.

The Client Portal module is a mobile-friendly, investor-facing tool that leverages robo-technology and allows clients to enter information - like net worth, cashflow and financial objectives - and engage an advisor when they’re ready. Together, WealthElements and the Client Portal help deliver a secure online financial needs analysis experience to investors.

Employer Retirement Savings Plans

Today, financial institutions are seeking to differentiate on customer experience. Investor-facing technology platforms provide them with a great opportunity to deepen the level of engagement with their clients. The recent acquisition of Apeiron allows Equisoft to enhance its investor-facing and financial planning offerings. In this issue, we explore the unique benefits and functionalities of Equisoft’s new state-of-the-art platform designed for group savings and retirement plan sponsors.

RetireWare and Apeiron Software Limited

Equisoft Inc. acquired Apeiron Software Limited and its flagship product RetireWare effective January 2018 to add to their state-of-the-art offering in the areas of financial and retirement planning.

RetireWare's dedication to innovation has lead to products that have an unparalleled level of mathematical sophistication, extensive functionality, products that are comprehensive, integrated, modular, intuitive and visually stunning.

Both companies share a common vision of achieving cost efficiencies through customization of a portfolio of existing and modular products rather than recreating the wheel with lengthy and costly development projects.

Our products are tailored to the user base needs of financial services companies' sales organizations — insurance companies, banks, brokerages and mutual fund companies.

Increase productivity and reduce costs by customizing existing products for an accelerated development cycle. From assessment to design, implementation and production, we work with you to deliver scalable custom solutions.

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